Personal Training

What's Included 

1 hour completely private sessions with a certified trainer

Access to the studio space outside of your private session

The Peloton Bike + membership

Floor to ceiling mirrors


Soft and adjustable Benches

Adjustable Barbell Rack

Ample storage

Loud Speakers

Air conditioning

Dumbbells (5-55lbs)

Plates (2.5-230lbs)

Private Training Sessions

Are you looking to finally make that lifestyle change? Do you want a personalized program that’s going to help achieve your goals without putting too much pressure on your busy schedule? Look no further, at GOODFORM we offer private and semi-private sessions that will give you that much needed push! You will be able to train in a private, clean, judgement free space that doesn’t have the nosy eyes of people at a mega gym. Monice is certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine and creates fact based programs centered around strength and conditioning. You can finally take the guessing game out of your workouts and just put in the WORK!

Book your free consultation and evaluation now! We will discuss your lifestyle , body composition, baseline strength, and overall goals!